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The Book Stops Here The Book Stops Here
8th Bibliophile Mystery

Brooklyn appears on the TV show This Old Attic and appraises a woman's copy of a children's book. But Brooklyn's unprepared for the fallout from what should be a fun experience. When the book's owner is found dead, Brooklyn races to find the killer before the killer finds her.

A Cookbook Conspiracy A Cookbook Conspiracy
7th Bibliophile Mystery

Brooklyn is asked to restore an antique cookbook for her sister Savannah who gives it to her old friend, celebrity chef Baxter Cromwell. But shortly after receiving the rare cookbook, Baxter is found dead. Savannah is seen kneeling over him, bloody knife in hand, and the cookbook has disappeared.

Peril in Paperback Peril in Paperback
6th Bibliophile Mystery

Brooklyn attends an old-fashioned house party where the host has arranged for lots of fun and games. But during a séance, after the lights flicker off and on, one guest is dead and Brooklyn must outsmart a killer who's through playing games.

One Book in the Grave One Book in the Grave
5th Bibliophile Mystery

Brooklyn's chance to restore a rare first edition of Beauty and the Beast seems a fairy tale come true—until she realizes the book last belonged to an old friend who died mysteriously ...

Pages of Sin Pages of Sin
A Bibliophile Mystery Novella

After Wanda Frawley's tragic suicide, rare book restoration expert Brooklyn receives a box of Wanda's old books that contains a very interesting letter addressed to the deceased's spouse.

Murder Under Cover Murder Under Cover
4th Bibliophile Mystery

Brooklyn anticipates re-creating a beautiful book and spicing up her love life. But before she can get started, her friend winds up as a murder suspect and Brooklyn soon finds herself in the middle of an international conspiracy.

The Lies That Bind The Lies That Bind
3rd Bibliophile Mystery

Brooklyn is bound and determined to investigate when an acquaintance is murdered. But when the woman's past ends up intertwined with Brooklyn's boyfriend, she realizes that the case is much more personal than she thought—and that the killer might want to close the book on her for good.

If Books Could Kill If Books Could Kill
2nd Bibliophile Mystery

Book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright is blindsided when her ex shows up with a copy of a scandalous text that could change history.

Homicide in Hardcover Homicide in Hardcover
1st Bibliophile Mystery

Brooklyn finds her mentor lying in a pool of his own blood. With his final breath Abraham leaves Brooklyn with a cryptic message, "Remember the Devil"...


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